How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing in 2020

People have used leaflets for decades to promote their business, services, and ideas. For a period of time they were even considered to be one of the most successful methods of advertising. However, how effective are flyers for marketing in the digital age, when almost everything is done on the internet?

To fully understand how effective flyers for business are, we should first briefly touch on the history of flyers.


Short History of Flyers


Flyers first appeared in Renaissance Italy, when important information was distributed via handwritten paper newsletters. All of this improved with the invention of the printing machine. This lead to leaflets being printed, which also enabled them to be richer in design.

One of the best examples of the usefulness of flyers is the battle for Women’s Suffrage. This happened way back in the early 1900s. The activists were printing their campaigns to promote women’s rights to vote. The leaflet distribution wasn’t difficult, as the technology already enabled easy printing.

Flyers were only improved as time went on. They were used during the World Wars to promote war propaganda. Even in the time of peace, they were used to promote political ideas and candidates. For example, there was the famous Uncle Sam poster, which urged young Americans to join the Army. Everyone who wanted to promote something knew how effective are flyers for marketing.

However, with the end of the 20th century came the age of digital technology. People stopped going on the streets to learn new information and turned over to their computer screens. In the modern age and time, are flyers still effective?


Are Flyers Still Effective in 2020?


The short and simple answer would be “Yes, they are.” The Data and Marketing Association (DTA) conducted a research in 2018 to see if flyers are still effective. The results were surprisingly positive and help us to know how effective are flyers for marketing in 2020. If you’re a fan of numbers, here are the statistics:

Addressed Mail:

  • 57% of people opened it the day it arrived;
  • 5% glanced at it right away;
  • 26% threw it away;
  • 24% put it aside to look later.


Door Drops:

  • 5% of people read it or at least glanced at it;
  • 85% threw it away;
  • 16% put it aside for later.


This shows that flyers can be rather effective even in modern age and time. Flyers for business are still one of the most used marketing tactics. They are cheap and they allow you to precisely target your audience if you’d like. This is why many businesses and even individual entrepreneurs still use them today.


Flyers for Business



How effective are flyers for marketing if you want to promote your business? Very effective, if you know how to use them. If you are a non-profit organization or politician, leaflets can be a great way to spread awareness of your name. Here are just several examples of how you can use flyers:

If you own a coffee shop or a restaurant, hand out your flyers in busy areas. Make sure that you have included important information, such as location. If you have some discounts, write about them as well.

Artists such as tattoo artists or photographers use flyers to brag about their art. This is also a nice way to promote your shop or studio.

Politicians use leaflets to expand their voters and to remind everyone that they are active.

Non-profit organizations share various information using flyers, such as promoting a charity or some important event.


How Much Do Flyers Cost?

If you consider using this marketing method, you probably wonder how much do flyers cost. Despite what you might think, leaflets are a cheap way to promote your ideas or a company. The price of a flyer depends on its size, paper type, and design. For example, the bigger the size, the higher the price. Also, printing something in colour will be much more expensive than printing in black and white. You can even choose the thickness of the paper!

No matter what, they are considered to be a cost-effective way to promote whatever you’d like. Use flyers for business or for sharing your ideas or causes at a cheap and affordable price.


How Many Flyers Should I Print?

You have figured out that the flyers are effective and you want to use them for advertisement. The next question you should ask yourself is: ‘How many flyers should I print?”

This is tricky. Printing too many leaflets will end up with you wasting your money. On the other hand, if you print too few you might lose potential customers. This is why you need to make a good tactic.

When you’re doing door to door campaign, choose the location you want to target. Depending on the area, calculate how many flyers are needed. To do so, just be sure to have enough flyers for every house or apartment. This way you will ensure that everyone will at least get your flyer. Sure, it limits the area, but this can go to your advantage. If you are owning a shop nearby, you wouldn’t want to target someone from the other side of the town.

You can distribute flyers hand to hand. In other words, you will walk towards people and personally give them flyers. This is good as you can talk to potential customers and awaken their curiosity. You can even decide on a more personal level who you’d want to handle your flyer to. But how to determine how many flyers should you print? It depends on how long you plan on staying in the location and where will you be. This method takes a lot more time than going door to door, but you might have a lot more people. In general, count that you can hand over some 30-50 flyers per hour if you work hard enough.

Another method is car to car distribution. This means that you will go to a parking lot and place flyers onto people’s vehicles. Counting the number of flyers here is easy. Just count the number of parking spots and see how much traffic the place has. A shopping mall parking lot will have more vehicles than a small city garage.

If you plan on making business to business distribution, there are two ways this could go. You might go to various businesses and drop a single flyer for each one of them. This is similar to going door to door and you can use the same method to calculate the flyer number. The other way is to talk to a manager and leave flyers in the business area, for customers to take. How many flyers you’ll need depends on the business and its type. A store will usually have more customers daily than a hair salon. Approximately, you’ll need 10-15 flyers per store, no more.


How to Have an Effective Flyer Campaign?


Not every campaign is equally useful. There are many strategies you can use to make your flyers effective in 2020.

Make the message clear. People don’t have enough time to waste reading long advertisements. Design your flyer so that the message is clear and easy to understand. Make sure that the important things pop up and aren’t easy to miss. Use bold colours for additional effect.

  Make them personalized. Be sure that the design represents you and your company. If you are a hair salon, use good images to showcase your skills. Make sure that everything is unique and easily recognizable. 

Make people feel something. If your advertisement can awaken certain emotions, you have done your job right. Ask yourself “Would I read this flyer and how would I feel?” 

Know your target audience. If you are a company that makes computer applications, target businesses. Find companies that could use specialized software and promote yourself there. On the other hand, if you are a hairstylist, try leaving flyers at the local coffee shops. Most people who have time to drink coffee outside will have the time to do their hair. Be smart when choosing your audience! 

How effective are flyers for marketing highly depends on your patience and ability to find the right audience. If you can plan everything right, flyers are one of the best ways to gain more customers or audiences. Find the right service for your flyers. This is one of the key factors in having a successful flyer campaign.


Choose the Right Leaflet Distributors in London


If you are planning on using the flyers’ effectiveness in the UK, you might want to research leaflet distribution in London. Many services offer badly printed papers or use low-quality materials. This is why it’s important to find some of the best leaflet distributors in London.

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And if you are contemplating how effective are flyers for marketing in the 21st century – here’s the trick. Leaflet distributors in London now use modern technology at their advantage. They enable their clients tracker reports, so they can know exactly which areas have been covered. If you have a good plan, just find a good leaflet distributor. With those two factors, your flyer advertisement campaign can hardly fail!